Z3 Anti-Aging

Z3-skin-care-1-300x271Essante Organics Z3 Anti-Aging

100% Toxic Free

How many toxic ingredients are in your skin care? GO ahead and pick up one of your products and Read your label!

Essante Organics Anti-Aging Skin Care is 100% Organic 100% Non-Toxic 100% Botanical 100% and 100% Chemical free!

Your Skin wants this, believe me you will feel the healthy difference and be happy with the anti-aging results! Steps 1-3 each day make you feel and look younger instantly.
Here are the clinical results of Essante’ Organics Anti-Aging Clinical Results:

~100% certified Toxic Free
~ 98% effective in immediate, long-term, permanent results
~93% improved elasticity, produces 17 times more collagen & elastin
~92% improvement of firmer, fuller skin
~90% found skin more tone, firm, healthier, plumper & moist
~77% increase in lifting
~78% increase in hydration, stimulates water holding for youthful look
~75% of subjects noted immediate smoothing effect
~56% reduction of dryness
~50-80% of skin is held up in position by Facelift gel (Step 2) once dry
~10% decrease in jaw line profile (firmer skin along jaw line)
~Significant decrease in progerin (main cause of wrinkles & sagging)
~Eliminates/minimizes wrinkles, stress lines, smile lines, imperfections
~Eliminates dark eye circles, bags, puffiness
~Rebuilds, repairs the dermis & epidermis, promotes cell cohesion
~Repairs DNA, increases skin’s metabolism, creates clear, glowing skin
~Re-sculpts & relaxes facial muscles
~Educates cells to regenerate every 28-32 days, like 25yr old skin

Many skin care products and anti-aging wrinkle creams contain dangerous and toxic ingredients. Check your products for harmful ingredients. Beware since most skin care products, even the so-called ‘natural’ products, have several toxic and dangerous chemicals used in industrial process.

Remember, whatever you put in your skin gets absorbed in your body. Especially the eye area (It is like tissue paper when it comes to absorbing) So it is wise to get informed about the various hazardous ingredients that may be the cause of a wide range of health effects including skin cancer, skin irritation and other long term associated risks.