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Untreated PCOS Side Effects – Don’t Put Your Life at Risk!

Living with PCOS can be like going through an emotional hell-hole. Leaving it untreated is an invitation to major health problems.

PCOS is a very complex disorder that is sometimes difficult to diagnose correctly. When left untreated PCOS side effects can be very dangerous. They can be physically and mentally demanding which can greatly interfere with your day-to-day life.

Managing the symptoms may help in the short term but improper treatment soon leads to several metabolic disorders and other implications for women’s health in the long term.

Some untreated PCOS side effects are:

1. Impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes

It is reported that more than 20% of overweight women with PCOS will develop impaired glucose tolerance after the age of 30.

Insulin Resistance in PCOS combined with abdominal obesity is believed to account for the higher prevalence of type-2 diabetes in PCOS.

Type-2 diabetes decreases your ability to heal quickly and from here your health may begin to go downhill.

2. Cardiovascular disease and hypertension

Women with PCOS are observed to have more extensive coronary artery disease. Impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes caused by PCOS are the major factors for cardiovascular disease onset.

There are high levels of triglycerides in women with PCOS and obesity that further lead to the accumulation of visceral fat and can clog arteries.

Untreated PCOS side effects also include the increase of hypertension, which is three times higher in women with PCOS between the age of 40-59 years.

4. Endometrial cancer

Women with hypertension, diabetes, obesity and high levels of estrogens are known factors that increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer.

Most of these factors are known also to be associated with PCOS, endometrial cancer could be one of the untreated PCOS side effects.

5. Ovarian cancer

There has been much debate and concerns about the risk of ovarian cancer in women with anovulation, particularly because of the extended use of drugs for induction of ovulation to these patients.

Several lines of evidence might suggest that there is a connection between PCOS and increased risk of ovarian cancer

6. Fertility/Pregnancy complications

Women with PCOS share the most common problem which is the inability to conceive. The main reason behind this is the excessive levels of male hormones and anovulation i.e. failure of ovaries in releasing the egg on time, which is very important for conception.

Sometimes the quality of eggs is not good which does not lead to fertilization.

As per Ayurveda, due to imbalanced tridosha (vitiated Kapha and Vata dosha) women are unable to carry the child which leads to miscarriage. With ayurvedic help, you can understand and cure PCOS infertility.

7. Psychiatric complications

All these hormonal disturbances, physical trauma, and emotional pain of infertility take a toll on the mental health of women suffering from PCOS.

Some other psychological PCOS side effects are an increased risk of a diagnosis of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

8. Greasy acne-prone skin

Insulin resistance in PCOS can worsen the male hormone problems and signal the ovaries to produce more androgens.

High androgen levels cause your skin to produce more sebum making it look oilier.

This and other hormonal disturbances can lead to hirsutism or body and facial hair in women with PCOS as one of the untreated PCOS side effects.

What is the best PCOS treatment?

PCOS is a very common health problem faced by women today and the cases may rise in the future. Its allopathic treatment is focused on managing the symptoms with the help of pills and tablets, which result in ugly side effects with no guaranteed success rates.

It has been clinically proven that PCOS hormonal problems and symptoms can be managed in the best way through Ayurvedic PCOS treatment without any adverse effects.


It is important to treat PCOS on time to prevent these health complications.

With the help of a natural ayurvedic approach, PCOS  can be managed effectively without adverse treatment side effects.


Yes, leaving PCOS untreated can be severely detrimental to your health in the long run even through you may have minor compications at the present. The major risk it put your through is the development of type-2 diabetes as insulin resistance in PCOS is very common. Other complications that follow are:

  • Ovarian cancer
  • Chronic anovulation
  • Infertility
  • Depression
  • Heart disease

Yes, PCOS is a very serious and complex problem that millions of women of childbearing age suffer from. The consequences are far worse than just poor reproductive health. In PCOS your risks of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and ovarian cancer are multiplied. But the good news is that PCOS can be managed when diagnosed early. You can alter your diet and lifestyle that will solve your hormonal problems like hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance. This way you can reduce the severity of this endocrine disorder.

Yes, as per the Ayurvedic view of PCOS infertility, there is an imbalance of the vata and kapha dosha. Vitiated vata leads to dryness in the uterus and vitiated kapha leads to poor quality of shukrs dhatu/ovum. This can make the implantation difficult and in later stages of pregnancy chances of miscarriage are increased.

As per modern health science,  Women with PCOS are three times as likely to miscarry in the early months of pregnancy as are women without PCOS.

No. Though it can eliminate the painful cysts but removing ovaries cannot cure PCOS. Even if you remove ovaries or do not ovulate after menopause, PCOS still continue to affects you as women with PCOS often continue to have high levels of androgens as well as insulin resistance.

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