Refunds & Cancellation Policy – Heal Me Right

Refunds  & Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellations: Our health programs require you to take up the responsibility of your own health by adopting some simple diet and lifestyle interventions in your routine. In case, some of you may still find yourselves unwilling to continue with the program, we have the following refund policy.

    1. We will offer a 100% refund if you cancel before the first consultation and within 24hrs of your order, whichever is earlier

    2. If you cancel after three or less consultations/sessions, we will refund 50% of the price paid

    3. After the program has progressed to more than three sessions/consultations, we will not refund any of the fee.

  2. Any refunds due to unavailability of the yoga expert right from the start: If due to any unforeseen reasons, your yoga expert of choice is not available right from the first day of the program, we will help you find another expert on the platform. Only if you choose an instructor whose session fee is more than 10% higher than your present instructor, you will have to pay the difference. In case you end up choosing an instructor whose session fee is lesser than your chosen instructor, we will refund the difference. In case you are unable to find another suitable instructor, we will refund the price you have paid in full.

  3. Changing the yoga expert mid-way during the program: Since you may change your yoga expert during the programs, you will be eligible to claim refund in case the new yoga expert charges a lesser fee for his/her session than your previous yoga expert. Here is how such refund amounts (if any) will be computed. The yoga and ayurveda experts align and curate the program in a way which is suited to the unique requirements of the individual. Therefore, when a new yoga expert is assigned to you, your case is discussed between the ayurveda and yoga experts again. The cost associated with this additional time of experts, the cost of any session which your present yoga expert might have already run with you and that of the remaining sessions at the new price, is deducted before refunding the balance. If the sum total of the costs cited above are higher than the difference or if the new yoga instructor of your choice is listed at a price that is higher than the price listed by your existing expert, you may be expected to pay an additional sum.

  4. Right to deny admission: HealMeRight reserves the right to deny admission to any user into a program that the user might have signed up for based on reasons that could range from our expert’s assessment of the user’s condition or their unavailability or any other reasons which we may not disclose to the user. In such cases, we will refund 100% of the price paid by the user.

  5. Right to cancel user’s subscription: HealMeRight reserves the right to review the usage of the platform services by you. If the company finds your behavior with our experts consistently inappropriate or unethical or offensive or objectionable by the expert in any way, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription. In such a scenario, we will offer a refund for the remaining sessions/consultations.

  6. The refunds if any, shall be processed after deduction of the transaction charges levied by the Bank and/or the Payment Gateway.

  7. In case HealMeRight or Payment gateway’s webpage, that is linked to the Website, is experiencing any technical issues like ‘slow down’ or ‘failure’ or ‘session timeout’, the User shall, before initiating the second payment, check whether his/her bank account has been debited or not and accordingly resort to one of the following options:

    1. In case the bank account appears to be debited, ensure that you do not make the payment twice and immediately thereafter contact HealMeRight via customer care to confirm payment.

    2. In case the Bank Account is not debited, the User may initiate a fresh transaction to make payment.

    3. However, refund for multiple payment, if any, even after the above precaution against the same order shall be made in full without deduction of the transaction charges as mentioned above. HealMeRight shall only retain the cost of one single order as intended to be placed by the User.

  8. If there are orders that HealMeRight is unable to accept and must cancel, HealMeRight at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. Some situations may result in the order being cancelled and include, without limitation, non-availability of the service, inaccuracy, error in pricing information or other problems as identified. If the User’s order is cancelled after charges being paid against the said service, the said amount paid for booking shall be refunded.

  9. Any refund as applicable will be processed at the earliest, within 7 working days of the acceptance of the refunds request.