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Get Rid Of PCOS Facial Hair Naturally (Research-backed)

Fine hair growth on the body and face is quite common but excessive hair growth on the chin or upper lips can be signs of hirsutism.

Growth of unwanted coarse PCOS facial hair on body areas like forehead, abdomen, arms, legs, the chin is a medical condition termed hirsutism. Hirsutism is in itself not a disorder but is a symptom of hormonal imbalances which also lead to PCOS.

The causes behind these hormonal fluctuations can be explained in Ayurvedic terms and their symptoms can be effectively managed by home remedies to some extent.

Let’s understand PCOS facial hair, causes and natural remedies supported by research.

Cause of PCOS hair overgrowth on body

Testosterone, though a male hormone, is also produced by females in the ovaries and adrenal glands. Along with other female sex hormones, testosterone plays a huge role in maintaining reproductive tissues and bone mass in females.

The main cause of PCOS and PCOS hair is excessive male hormone levels.

High androgen levels are also responsible for irregular monthly cycles in females.

PCOS chin hair, sideburns and upper lip hair are the problems that affect 5-10% of women.

Hirsutism in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda by Acharya Charaka, ‘Atiloma’ means when excess hair on the entire body is found.

Kesha (scalp hair) and Loma (body hair) are the Malas (a waste product) of Asthi Dhatu, which provides form and structure to the body (tissues found in bones, nails, hair & teeth).

Hirsutism treatment

Women with PCOS facial hair have to depend on high medication to fight the symptoms. But Ayurveda provides an approach to cure PCOS symptoms effectively.

  • Non-pharmacological treatments for hirsutism include plucking, waxing, bleaching, shaving, etc.
  • Pharmacological treatments for excessive body and facial hair include oral contraceptives, androgen receptor blockade, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRH agonists), insulin-sensitizing drug and biological modifiers of hair follicular growth like eflornithine hydrochloride.
  • Ayurvedic, a holistic medicine system embraces a collaborative approach of Aushadha (medicament), Ahara (food) and vihara (lifestyle). 

Natural remedies for PCOS facial hair

In  2018 research, the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research published that the use of Ayurvedic indigenous drugs resulted in a significant reduction of hair density, hair regrowth pattern and severity of hirsutism.

Reduce body hair naturally

1. Sami (partly used – fruits & seeds)

In Susruta samhita, Sami is explained to have properties that make it a great natural hair depilator. When applied to hair, externally, it destroys the hair and causes hair reduction.

2. Sesame oil, Haridra, Mugdha, Sarsapa and saindhava lavana (rock salt)

Studies have shown that a fine paste of these herbs when massaged on the hair ridden area for 30 days, results in a notable reduction of hair.

3. Shankh churna- 3part + Hartala churna- 1 part + Palasha kshara – 1 part 

A study shows that Hartala leads to a decrease in the cellular energy level & thereby leading to decreased mitotic activity and cessation of hair follicle formation. Shanka and Palasha kshara provide the alkaline medium to facilitate depilation activity when applied to the hairy area.

4. Papaya pack

Papain, an ingredient found in papaya, helps break down the hair follicles.

Raw papaya and turmeric paste should be applied and left for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Along with these tips, a dosha balancing diet is highly recommended. Food plays a crucial role in balancing doshas, dhatus and finally what forms out of that food i.e. our very own bodies.

These remedies will help you significantly reduce the appearance of male pattern hair growth on your body and get you rid of PCOS facial hair.


Ayurvedic remedies show promising results in the efficacy of unwanted body hair removal. In the conducted studies all these tips were to be safe to use.

However, too much coarse hair growth is an indication of underlying health issues.

So, consult a doctor before taking potential PCOS signs lightly.


Yes, in Ayurveda treatment of Hirsutism is mostly by topical medicines. The topical pastes enter the Lomakupa (opening of the hair follicle) and vandalize the follicles to cause temporary or permanent depilation.

PCOS body hair can be removed naturally by using the remedies in the paste form that destroy follicles or by eating food that lower testosterone levels.

Turmeric and papaya help in inhibiting hair growth by affecting the follicles. Ayurveda remedies can be highly beneficial in removing unwanted hair, naturally.

Chin hair alone does not confirm PCOS. Excessive facial hair is a condition called hirsutism which can be caused by a lot of factors like PCOS, Cushing syndrome, tumours, medication, congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Body hair is quite normal and should be normalised, however, you should see a doctor reduce the risks of developing serious health disorders

Androgens in PCOS can be lowered without medication. Some foods that lower testosterone levels are spearmint herbal tea, peppermint, green tea, liquorice, nuts, flaxseed, etc. Do daily exercise to improve body functions and metabolism that helps in proper hormone regulation.

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