Super Reds

Essante' Organics Super Reds

400gg57451363Only Essanté Organics Super Reds Powder combines the foods of the world’s healthiest cultures with the latest 100% certified chemical free, wild-crafted, pH balanced, ionic charged, live, raw, whole-food, antioxidant nutrition to create the first nutraceutical with unmatched absorbability. Welcome to the most potent supplementation on earth. Each serving delivers tremendous health advantages including instant energy, longevity, protection & wellness! Essanté Organics Super Reds Powder patented formulation is the most bio-available, nutrient dense combination of antioxidant powdered ingredients available. Never flash pasteurized, one teaspoon of Super Reds is equal to 5.5 pounds of pure fruit! This next generation of super-fruits, OPC’s & adaptogens has one of the highest ORAC scores known. Scientists know what health care practitioners have know for centuries… nature knows best; our bodies process & absorb whole-food ingredients best, and they cannot absorb chemicals at all. Our bodies need antioxidants, ionic minerals & bio-available nutrients to allow it to fight disease causing free radical damage. With a daily dose of Essante’s Super Reds you’ll have an armor of protection! Now you can easily enjoy the fundamentals of superior health & wellness. Sweetened with Stevia it’s only 5 calories per serving.

How To:
Create a delicious light, berry-flavored treat anytime! Use as a stand-alone supplement or add as an antioxidant, energy and immunity boost to 7.365 pH Nutrition Shake (the healthiest meal of the day). Enjoy straight like a Pixy Stick, on top of ice cream, in almond milk, or add to water or smoothies.

Proven To:

Assists With Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
Acts as a Potent Anti-inflammatory
Promotes Cardiovascular Health & Protection
Increases Immune System Function
Increases Energy & Vitality
Fights Free Radical Damage
Increases Cellular Energy
Facilitates Weight Loss
Cleanses The Body
Counteracts Stress
Acts as an Anti-fungal
No heat pasteurization