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6 Natural Tips for Hair Growth Faster and Thicker

Indian home remedies for beautiful hair growth

Long or short, healthy hair adds a lot to your beauty, and when it comes to growing hair faster, the majority turns to oiling. But even after regular oiling, is long hair still a daydream of yours?

Well, this article will cover everything that you need to know to become the modern Rapunzel and with natural tips for hair growth faster and thicker!

What is Hair Actually?

what is hair actually?

Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. It grows and is pushed outwards from the 100,000 follicles in the scalp. So, every hair strand that is above the surface of your skin or scalp is dead. This is why though oiling hair can make it look a bit glossy, most of the oil just gets washed down the drain along with your effort to grow long hair. 

According to the ancient Indian sage Charaka, hair is the waste product or mala produced by the body. When your body goes through stressful times due to health issues, it cuts short the attention your hair should receive, making it the first to suffer.

So, working on the dead hair may not be fruitful unless you nourish it from the inside, in return which is what helps your hair grow faster. 

Factors Affecting Hair


More than anything, your genes largely determine the texture, thickness and growth of your hair. If one of your parents has good hair, your chances to have the same are extremely high.


It is the most infamous culprit behind the barren scalps these days! Stress alters the hormone secretion of cortisol that can make your hair fall out too soon.


An underactive thyroid gland slows down the metabolism which sends signals to cut off the attention from the least functioning parts of the body like hair.


Hirsutism or PCOS body hair is a very common disorder affecting 6-12% of females globally. It can cause hair thinning on the scalp and androgens can make unwanted hair growth on the face and other parts.


The fastest hair growth is observed between the ages of 15-30. The condition of your hair in later life also depends on how well you take care of it in this period.


With a proper diet hair gets the nutrition required for healthy growth, in the absence of which hair tends to become brittle and prone to damage.

Hair Colour and Products

It’s no news that the chemicals found in dyes damage your hair in the long run. Overheating of hair or blow-drying rips off the moisture which the dead hair can not self-repair.

You need something that can help from the inside! So, we move to Ayurveda for natural tips for hair growth faster and thicker,

An Ayurvedic Take on Healthy Hair Growth

Developed by the ancient Indian sages, ayurvedic wisdom works on maintaining the equilibrium between our body-mind and environment. It focuses on finding the root cause of the health problems rather than dealing with the outer symptoms.

Other Factors that Affect Your Hair

  • Dinacharya or daily routine, if mis-managed, may disrupt the normal functioning of the body. Even wrong sleep patterns are enough to mess with your hair.
  • Ritucharya or seasonal routine is important to take care of hair in different seasons.
  • Tridosha i.e. vata, pitta & kapha, is the main reason for any health issue. It is advised to only intake the dosha compatible diet for great health.

Ayurvedic Tips for Hair Thickness

  1. Applying tila taila (sesame oil) helps in hair smoothening of dry and frizzy hair.
  2. Aloe vera gel is a great moisturizer packed with anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Using a paste of the hibiscus flower or gudhal has been observed to grow new hair, and is very beneficial in alopecia.
  4. Paste of curd and besan (gram flour) helps fight dandruff and hairfall making your thicker. 
  5. Bhringraj oil is like a magic potion when it comes to growing long hair. Gently massage the scalp until absorbed to get lustrous hair and avoid premature greying.
  6. Using lemon juice after washing fights bacteria and excess sebum.

Herbs to Eat for Hair Growth

  1. Adding Triphala churna to the diet keeps digestive problems at bay and helps your body focus on hair.
  2. Amla juice boosts immunity and its vitamins and minerals nourish the inactive follicles.
  3. Zinc found in beans, nuts and whole grains is essential for hair repair.
  4. Magnesium found in basil, spinach, cumin seeds, tamarind builds protein and supports hair growth, and it is also what helps your hair grow thicker
  5. Brahmi reduces cortisol, calms the nervous system and also increases the oxygen supply to the hair roots.
  6. Fenugreek seeds are rich in vitamin-A, C, K and folic acid which combats scalp problems which promote healthy growth.

Tips for Applying Hair Oil

Herbal oils for hair growth

Although some say that the scalp produces its own oil, regular oiling is always recommended when you want long and healthy hair. However, wrong technique may be the reason why your results are getting delayed. Read on some oiling tips for natural tips for hair growth faster and thicker.

Here’s a quick guide

  • Always comb hair to straighten out any tangles before oiling or shampooing.
  • Take any kind of naturally obtained oil like coconut oil, sesame oil, bhringraj or jasmine oil, etc., and warm it before application.
  • Apply oil on top of the head on the scalp and gently with fingertips until the oil is absorbed, this improves blood circulation. The nutrition rich blood flowing to the roots aids healthy growth.
  • Never do vigorous massaging as it may cause hair to fall out.
  • Apply oil to other parts of the scalp similarly.
  • Afterwards, rub oil all the way to the hair tips to protect from external damage.
  • Use herbal hair cleansers, with the goddess of amla, shikakai & reetha, to remove oil and enjoy frizz-free healthy hair, naturally!


Your hair needs proper care and nutrition to stay healthy. In Ayurveda, remedies are recommended according to the individual body type and you must always consult the expert before self-medication. However, the above-mentioned lists contain some general tips which are safe for everyone. The results may take some time, so let patience become your best friend to yield favorable results. These natural tips for hair growth faster and thicker will definitely get you those voluminous tresses.


Know your hair and scalp type, depending on these factors you can choose the oil type and the natural hair care products. For example, if you have a dry and flaky scalp heavy oils like sesame & mustard oil are good for you. If you have an oily scalp you can avoid oiling too often and go for lighter oils like coconut oil. Do not forget that a healthy dosha-balancing diet plays a huge role in determining the condition of your hair.

Avoid things that are making your hair fall out. Avoid using chemical shampoos, they may make your hair smooth and fluffy temporarily but make it weak in the long run. Use natural hair masks made of fruit, yogurt, or multani mitti. Comb your hair gently and massage your scalp gently with warm oil regularly. Use silk pillows and avoid tugging at your hair or causing friction while sleeping.

Yes. Coconut oil is light and less sticky, it is good for you if you have a greasy scalp.

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