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How to Reduce Belly Fat? An Ayurvedic Approach

Think beyond just “calories” and “exercise” when trying to lose weight. Here are some excitingly easy tips for weight loss.

How to reduce belly fat

No area is more obvious of your body fat than the belly region. It can be pretty daunting to stare down at your bulging belly and not be able to see your feet.

Due to the busy lifestyle, it has become tough for people to take time out to work out and eat healthily.

The popular approach on how to reduce belly fat is to burn more calories than you eat by sweating it out in the gym.

Want to know how to reduce belly fat?

We’re going to melt down the excessive body fat in completely natural and most effective ways.

How to reduce body fat in 7 days?

Here are some amazing tips which are as effective as they are easy and help in body fat reduction.

1. Improve digestion for fat reduction

To eat is human, to digest, divine.” – an ayurvedic proverb

It’s not about how much or less you eat when it comes to weight loss but how efficiently you digest it. The undigested food transforms into ama or body toxins which block the channels of body tissues and disrupt Vata, the body energy responsible for movements in/of the body.

This weakens the digestive fire Agni and the harmful cycle continues.

It affects metabolism and that’s how poor digestion causes obesity.

Quick Agni check – Do you feel drowsy after meals?

If yes, your body requires you to shut other functions off to focus on digestion that makes you feel sleepy after eating.

2. Avoid foods that cause bloating

Is it belly fat or gas?

Rajma, onion-raita, protein powders, cabbage, yoghurt, broccoli, stale and processed foods are responsible for the bloated belly that may be causing you to loosen your belt after having meals.

These foods aggravate Vata dosha, the air element in the body. 

This can add a couple of inches more to your waist size.

Maintain a habit of strolling after a heavy meal to release gas and aid digestion.

Mandukasana is beneficial in removing abdominal gas.

3. Vajrasana – The best yoga pose for weight loss

We’re only human and cheat days can become guilty pleasure after that high-fat piece of cheesecake or pizza.

Sitting in Vajrasana right after a heavy meal increases blood flow towards the gut. This prevents the build-up of body fat around the waistline.

This is an amazing heat-generating yoga pose that improves digestion, increases hunger and metabolism and prevents acid reflux, in case you need to sleep after late-night dinners.

4. No snacking between the meals

Intermittent fasting i.e. not snacking between meals is a great way of losing cutting stomach fat.

It provides enough time to rekindle your digestive fire and process the already eaten food to keep your digestive tract ready for more.

A recent study has shown that restrained fasting promotes a healthy lifespan. It also helps in weight loss and improved body function in overweight people.

5. Drink warm water

Warm water is unbelievably the simplest yet effective remedy for body detoxification and getting rid of body fat.

It boosts body temperature and metabolism. In contrast with cold water, hot water pacifies Kapha dosha and aids the weight loss journey.

6. Avoid sweet, eat bitter

In common language, sweet foods are packed with unhealthy calories which are stored as fat in the body.

As per Ayurveda, excess of sweet foods aggravates Kapha dosha which is closely associated with obesity, laziness, diabetes and heart-related problems.

Ayurveda categorises different foods based on their Gunas (properties and nature) and taste compared to the modern division of food into calories.

Consuming and dosha balancing diet and lifestyle is a great way of losing fat without dieting.

Since sweet food promotes weight gain, bitter foods like bitter gourd, turmeric, spinach, fenugreek and hot spices pacify Kapha.

Bottom line

Losing weight is easy if you understand the reason behind your body weight. It could be either due to poor diet and lifestyle or some health issues like prediabetes and PCOS.

Moreover, you need to know what your body requires according to your unique body type of Prakriti to avoid inviting more problems in quest of how to reduce belly fat.

Working out is the most effective way of losing weight. Intense exercises help in weight loss in less time.

Burpees and planks are some exercises that focus on strengthening the gut and reducing fat around the belly region.

Dancing and cardio improve overall health and blood circulation. They also help in increasing metabolism to help you shed extra fat stored in your body.

It is quite possible to lose some weight in a week. Consuming more liquid, eating fresh and low-calorie foods like salad and working out twice a day will burn your fat if you’re dedicated and disciplined enough to carry it on.

Eating less and doing intermittent fasting flushes out the stored ama from your body and processes fat for the energy requirements.

But losing fat for some people can be difficult due to their body type. So, do not force it upon yourself, rather stretch it to a month.

Lemon is great for detoxification and boosting digestion and metabolism.

Therefore, lemon is a favourite choice for people trying to lose weight.

Squeeze lemon juice into your dal to make it tastier and healthier.

Taking lemon in hot water removes blockages in body channels and activates weakened Agni.

As a rule of thumb stop eating when you feel you could still eat. You should eat it when your stomach is ¾ full. This lets your gut digest the food easily and avoid toxin build-up and constipation.

Eat according to your body type and needs and follow a dosha specific diet for natural weight management.

Eat heavy foods before noon to provide them with a window long enough to process them through the gut.

Avoid eating just before bed. Have a light dinner to avoid stress from the liver at night. 

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