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How to Lose Thigh Fat at Home? – 4 Ways to Sculpt Your Legs

Toning your thighs at home is easy with the following natural tips and easy exercises

how to lose thigh fat at home

Have your eyes on a beautiful pair of skinny jeans but you’re too conscious of your thigh bulge? Or are you worried about your inner thighs getting chafed, as the summer approaches?

Whatever be your reason, you are definitely praying for an easy solution on how to lose thigh fat at home. Getting rid of unwanted fat makes your life more comfortable, healthier and now it is also easier if you try the following tips and exercises.

Let’s step right in!

Thigh toning exercise for weight loss at home

Bodyweight is accumulated in different parts of your body, both inside and outside. Sometimes this weight is more prominent in some areas than others. For people that have excess body fat in the legs or thighs, it is important to try certain exercises that specifically help in getting rid of thigh fat.

Also, you just can’t lose fat in only targeted areas, for example, only the butt, abdomen, or legs. There will also be some weight loss in other body parts as well. So, though these exercises are great for toning thighs, you can also include them in your overall fitness routine.

To lose overall body weight you can try different yoga poses for fat reduction and try different ayurvedic approaches for visible weight loss in 7 days.

Before you do these exercises, warm up your legs by stretching. Get ready for finding out how to lose thigh fat at home.

1. Seated leg raise

Sit in a chair so that both your feet tha comfortably touching the ground. Hold the armrest of the chair or place your palms facing down next to your butts. Take a few deep breaths. Slowly lift your right leg until it is parallel to the ground. Hold it for 20  seconds to one minute. Gently put it down. Now lift your left legs parallel to the ground and hold it for the same time.

This makes one set. Do 10 sets. You can increase or decrease the time duration, as per your ability.

2. Jump-Squats

This is good for your hamstrings. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms on your sides. Lower your body in a squat position and your arms stretched on both sides, parallel to the ground. As soon as you squat, jump immediately with arms stretched upwards. When you land on your feet bring your arms down, sideways.

Repeat this 20 times. This makes 1 set. Do 3 sets and take rest between the sets.

3. Leg raise

On a comfortable mat, lie on your right side. Support your weight on your right tricep, and support your head with your right hand. Lift your left leg at 45 degrees angle to the ground and hold it for 10-20 seconds as per your ability. Gently bring it down and repeat it 10 times. Relax and switch sides now to lie on your left side. Repeat the same steps for the right leg.

This makes 1 set. Do 5 sets.

4. Pretend-cycling

This is a fun and easy exercise which you can do even when you do not want to get off your bed. Lie on your back. Keep your arms stretched and place your palms firmly near your butts, facing downwards. Now lift both your legs and pretend to paddle the bicycle. Do this for 2 to 5 minutes. Take rest in between.

All of these exercises are very simple but highly beneficial for sculpting lean legs. You should do these exercises up to your full strength to yield positive benefits in less time.

How to lose weight naturally?

1. Avoid late night eating or waking

As per Ayurveda, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. is the second pitta cycle, which is used by your body to digest food and the emotions that you consume all day. It is also used to heal and repair your body. You must sleep during this time to avoid the tridosha imbalance as this can result in weight gain.

2. Drink plenty of water

Most people suffer from dehydration on a daily basis and do not even realize it. One study shows that fluid intake is associated with body weight and that weight can be managed by keeping your body hydrated. Do not wait until your body is desperately thirsty.

3. Healthy snacking

A healthy snack boosts your metabolism and balances out your blood sugar. Instead of eating large meals, you should keep snacking in between to avoid the spikes in blood sugar levels which is bad for insulin-resistant people. Moreover, the consumption of high-protein, high-fiber snack foods can lead to weight management and weight reduction, as per studies. Healthy snacking habits are a solution to how to lose thigh fat at home.

4. Chew well

Digestion begins right when the food enters your mouth. The enzymes present in your saliva help in breaking down the food. The more you chew the easier it gets for you to digest it and absorb the maximum nutrients. Moreover, the more you chew the slower you eat, which makes you feel full faster compared to eating hastily, according to studies. This prevents you from overeating and helps in weight reduction.

5. Laughing prescription

Laughter is the best medicine indeed! Food is not just what you eat, as per Ayurveda the food is everything that you consume with all your senses. While it is healthy to watch your physical diet, you must be careful of your sensory diet.

Negative emotions and feelings can raise stress hormones, but a deliberate attempt to laugh and try to stay happy releases happy hormones and promotes physical and mental wellbeing, and can be used as a therapy and exercise for obese people.

You can choose your shows that make your laugh based on your humor preferences or join a group laughing yoga session. The following laughing prescription (FITT) is suggested in one of the studies on the benefits of laughing:

  •  (F) Frequency: once a week
  •  (I) Intensity: belly laughing
  •  (T) Time: 30 minutes
  •  (T) Type: your favourite sit-com

Have deep and spontaneous ‘belly laughs’. Do not miss an opportunity to laugh and make others laugh unless it is inappropriate to do so.

Some more tips for lean legs

  • Walk while on mobile call
  • Use a standing desk
  • Brisk walking
  • Take the stairs
  • Take bicycle rides to go places
  • Take a diet plan that is low in fats, carbs, sugar and rich in protein
  • Sleep on time and sleep well
  • Do not sit for too long
  • Take walking breaks

Key takeaways 

You learned different ways of how to lose thigh fat at home and other natural tips on natural weight management. Thigh weight can be difficult to lose, but with these simple tips and consistency, you can witness positive results, when you are accustomed to these exercises you can step up to more rigorous exercises and do jogging or running that immensely help in toning legs.

Do not try these exercises if you feel any discomfort or have any injury that interferes with the right performance of these exercises.

Time to move a little!


Physical inactivity is the main cause of weight gain. Due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, there are hormonal fluctuations and metabolic disorder that leads to weight gain in the abdominal region and thighs.

Yes. Walking is the best exercise for weight loss. Your entire legs muscles are toned with regular walking. If you can brisk-walk or run/jog, your thigh fat will melt much faster, but walking is fine too if you do it daily and for at least 45 minutes.

  • Squats
  • Rope skipping
  • Sit-ups
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Virbhadrasana, are some of the best exercises for thigh fat reduction. However, you can try those exercises that you enjoy more like dancing, zumba, cardio or aerobics, or yoga, for more holistic weight management to help you om how to lose thigh fat at home.

Foods that are low in trans fats, sugar, carbs, high in protein, and moderate in good unsaturated fats are the best for those trying to get rid of unnecessary fat from legs. Avoid eating too much at times, you should snack often in little quantities, to avoid sugar spikes all at once which leads to weight gain.

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