Enzymes for Immune System


What are enzymes and why should I take a supplement?  If you research the role of enzymes you will find that they are what break down all of our nutrients for us to make them absorbable in the body.  Even fats and carbohydrates get broken down. The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer”, “research shows that protein digesting enzymes can dissolve the protein coating from around cancer cells, enabling white blood cells (which are part of the immune system) to destroy the cancer cells.” When the immune system is enzyme or energy deficient, then it cannot defend or contain the growth of cancer cells and cancer is given an opportunity to grow unchecked.

Naturally occurring enzymes that assist in the digestion of our food are destroyed when we over cook our food. In the grocery store the commercial process that includes irradiation and cooking, partially destroys enzymes. Then there are other factors which deplete enzymes in our body which actually produce enzymes. This would be drinking sodas and other carbonated drinks, strenuous exercise, environmental factors and stress.