Chemosensitivity Test

Scientist with Petri DishIf you have cancer and have made a decision to treat it with chemotherapy, do your body a favor and ask your oncologist for a    chemosensitivity test. Chemotherapy is a very aggressive treatment for cancer that has harsh side effects.  Even though it is hard to believe, many cancers are resistant to chemotherapy.  This is a fact and you would be very wise by checking to see if you can have the chemosensitivity test done first to help determine which drugs will most likely shrink the tumor, kill the cancer cells, and give you the best possible outcome.


Once your doctor knows which drugs your cancer will respond to, you can be treated most effectively. There are still short term and long term side effects and risks that you should ask your doctor about and research on your own. Chemosensitivity tests keep you from losing time trying drugs that don’t work for you and more importantly it spares your body from unnecessary side effects, not to mention further compromising your immune system. This test is a more humane way of deciding the best treatment if you have chosen chemotherapy. pouring chemo into your body without testing it first is absolutely considered barbaric in my own opinion. Click the link below to read more about the test.

Ask your doctor before doing chemotherapy if you can have a chemosensitivity test done.





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