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How it works

Step 1

You book a suitable plan

Our commitment & levels of service stay the same across plans. So choose freely !

Step 2

Our experts consult with you

One or both of the ayurvedic & clinical nutrition experts will consult with you, as per your plan.

Step 3

Your health coach publishes your plan

Your plan is published, with inputs from both experts. You will access the plan in the mobile app.

Step 4

You start crushing your health goals

You health coach is always available to help & support you in meeting your health goals!

Our experts

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Wellness for the long term

Treating the root cause

Food & lifestyle choices as per your ayurvedic body type, restore the metabolic balance & eliminates the root cause.

Precise nutrition

Meals curated by experienced modern nutrition experts ensure that your unique health needs are met.

Holistic approach

Personal coaching on nutrition, lifestyle & habits helps improve physical & psychological health.

Keeping it simple to follow

Curated products help you manage your health daily, without investing a lot of time. So you can focus on doing you!


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